Poland Redeploy Patriot Missiles to Warsaw for Drills

8 February 2023 00:34

Patriot missile batteries that Poland acquired from the US. Last year, have been deployed to the Country’s Capital Warsaw, as part of a military exercise, according to Poland’s Defence Ministry on Tuesday (7/2/2023). 

Poland is taking additional steps to strengthen its defensive capabilities, as Russia’s war in neighbouring Ukraine enters its second year later this month. At least three ground-to-air missile launchers were seen on Monday (6/2/2023) at Warsaw’s Bemowo Airport.

Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said, the exercises had the character of deterring any aggressor. The patriot batteries are part of Poland’s multibillion dollar armaments purchases from the US, South Korea and elsewhere.

Poland has also received patriot batteries from Germany, to boost its air defences in the east, where a stray missile came from across the border with Ukraine and killed two civilians last year.