Indonesia Lifts Covid-19 Restrictions

3 January 2023 02:56

President Joko Widodo, has officially lifted the Covid-19 restrictions in Indonesia, starting December 30, last week in 2022. With the lifting of restrictions, Indonesian people can now return to their activities at 100?pacity.
President Jokowi took the decision to lift the restrictions on Covid 19, based on the trend of decreasing cases of Covid 19, in the last few months in Indonesia.

The decision was also based on the relatively high level of immunity, and the antibodies of the Indonesian people against the covid 19 virus. Reported good immunity due to the vaccine, and the immunity formed, after recovering from the virus.

"We have studied for more than 10 months, and through consideration based on the available figures, today the government has decided to revoke the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). As stated in the Instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs Numbers 50 and 51 of 2022, so that there are no more restrictions on the movement of masses and people, but I ask all people and components of the nation to remain vigilant and vigilant," said Jokowi.

With the lifting of restrictions, changes to regulations, including no more restrictions on meetings and all activities such as working from the office and gatherings in public places such as malls, can be held at 100?pacity.

Even so, Indonesian people are still strongly encouraged to wear protective masks, when in crowds and in closed spaces. Government agencie, health facilities throughout Indonesia, will remain alert and ready, anticipate all situations that may occur.

Although restrictions are lifted, social assistance programs, which have been running since the beginning of the pandemic, will continue.

PCR Antigen test and free rapid test, will still be provided at certain health facilities, for certain covid 19 patients who urgently need travel, with certain rules and regulations, meaning positive patients can now leave their homes.

The Indonesian government will also continue to bear the costs, to treat Covid-19 patients domestically. However for the primary and booster vaccines the public is encouraged to continue to get them independently.

Although there has been a slight spike in covid 19 cases in recent months. they are on a sharp downward trend.