Ukrainian Tanks & Soldiers to Fight Back Front Lines

N/A • 10 March 2023 02:52

Russian forces continue bombarding some cities in Ukraine with more casualities and damages were reported in the front lines.
Destruction overwhelmed ukrainians in Kostyantynivka. As Russian forces attempted to surround Bakhmut, Kostyantynivka, one of the neighboring cities is under constant bombardment.
Russian missile barrage targeted energy infrastructure facilities  but Ukrainian officials said residential buildings were hit.
It is not immediately clear if there were casualties as the frontline is now becoming most danger zone where servicemen and local government struggle to defend the city.
While in Chasiv Yar, Ukrainian soldiers and tank crews took a brief respite as the conflict rolled on near the city.
As Russian forces continue their attempts to encircle Bakhmut Ukrainian service personnel are determined to fight back as long as needed.
The battle for the city the Ukrainians have dubbed fortress Bakhmut. It has also become flash point, where each side has tried to wear down the other.
Russian forces must go through Bakhmut to push deeper into parts of the donetsk province they do not yet control.
(Rulif Augheri Nail)