Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 23/24: Glamorous Thrift Store Chic with Vintage Style

N/A • 10 March 2023 03:26

Paris’ musée d’Orsay was transformed for Louis Vuitton’s show a buzzing circus of sparkle and camera flashes where the rich, powerful and famous mingled on the penultimate day of paris fashion week on Monday.
Designer Nicolas Ghesquière put on a resplendent and passionate vintage-tinged ode to french style, prompting cheers from the audience/ that echoed around the lofty chambers.
The show itself told a story.sounds of daily life played in the soundtrack the sound of whizzing cars, bird song, trains, footsteps and the weather. The clothes too felt like daily life - albeit a sublimely elevated one.
Hidden behind the haphazardness though was some incredible fashion design. Surreal plays in form abounded.
It was as if ghesquière had gone to a glamorous thrift store with vintage-style, often sparkling, garments vibrantly mixed and matched.
An oversize brown jacket led down to even more oversized circular pants next to a snipped away waistcoat worn with a giant student-style knit scarf.
(Rulif Augheri Nail)