Police Fire Water Cannon & Tear Gas At Protesters Oppose Constitution Russian Law in Georgia

N/A • 10 March 2023 02:52

Georgian police fired water cannons and tear gas at thousands of protesters Wednesday, ordering them to disperse as they rallied against a planned "foreign agent" law reminiscent of Russian legislation used to silence critics.
Massive crowds gathered in front of the parliament building in central Tbilisi holding EU and Georgian flags and chanting no to Russian law.
The protesters are demanding authorities drop the bill on transparency of foreign funding which critics say mirrors a law used in Russia to force media and dissenting groups to shut down.
one of the protesters said that Georgians didn't want to see their future threatened.
Georgian prime minister Irakli Garibashvili has defended his balanced policy as aimed at ensuring peace and stability, while Georgian president Salome zourabishvili has expressed support for the demonstrators and has vowed to veto the legislation.
(Rulif Augheri Nail)